Jamie Coscia

Real Talk for Real Change


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Ms. Jamie Coscia, LCSW-R, ACC

Jamie Coscia is an associate certified coach accredited by the ICF ( Internal Coaching Federation) who has been practicing clinical social work for 19 years with children, adolescents, families, and adults in both individual and group treatment. Ms. Coscia approaches her work with others from a place of gratitude and compassion to be able to bear witness to peoples stories and share the "struggle" that they seek help with. She believes that each person is the expert and has the answer to their hearts desire right there inside of their own vast and loving intuitive self. Her empathic, compassionate, and no-nonsense approach to helping people heal is refreshing. Her approach allows people to find peace and heal in a safe, positive environment and helps them come away with concrete tools and strategies they can use on their own in order to help them achieve peaceful living. She adds humor, wit, constant encouragement and inspiration at every twist and turn. Her work is client centered and solution focused.